We all love a great pizza! After you‘ve had your meal #DoItRight and remove the inside greasy piece of paper and send the rest of the pizza box for recycling in the brown paper bag

What do you have there? Paper waste and plastic? #DoItRight and recycle right by choosing the right bag for each item! Brown recycling bags for paper and transparent recycling bags for PMD!

Hot days call for hydration! So now you’ve drunk a full bottle of water in no time, it’s time to #DoItRight and put it in the transparent PMD bag for recycling! It gets easier every time, right?

Refreshed with a soda drink? Nice, now #DoItRight and if the can is totally empty put it in the transparent PMD recycling bag for recycling!

Always rinse out the food inside the food containers before you #DoItRight and send them off to the right recycling bag, because food waste just make the whole bag ineligible for recycling, and that truly is a waste!

DoItRight! Wash your plastic glass of coffee before recycling it!#DontForget dirty coffee cups DO NOT go in the PMD recycling bag.

Time to change mask and gloves? #DoItRight and dispose of them in the garbage bins, neither are recyclable.

Do you need to get rid of old or broken plastic toys? #DoItRight and do not put them in a PMD recycling bag. Donate your old toys or if they are broken, find your nearest Green Point!

Goodbye books and essays! Now it’s time to #DoItRight and recycle them! Get a brown paper recycling bag and put them all in!