Prior to the launch of Green Dot in 2007, all waste was treated as rubbish and dumped in landfills. Cyprus was at the bottom of the European Union’s recycling table. Today the situation is much better. With overall effort, Cyprus can and should become a model country in the management of Municipal Waste, even with the difficulties it faces as an island.

Better waste management requires

Do not create waste.
We reduce waste and overconsumption.

We find creative ways to reuse products.


We recycle all packaging from plastic, metal, paper, glass and wood.

Energy Recovery

The waste is sent for energy recovery.

Final Disposal

Only 10% of the waste remains for final burial.

Municipal waste production in Cyprus is high

Quantities of waste in Cyprus

Organic 250.000
Recyclable packaging 120.000
Green (pruning etc.) 50.000
Rubbish 130.000
TOTAL 550.000

Green Dot ‘s primary responsibility lies with the management of recyclable packaging.