Local Authorities have, under Legislation that governs their establishment and operation, the competency for the recovery, transport and disposal of solid urban waste, which is carried out under the provisions of the Solid and Hazardous Waste Law.

They also have general competency for the activities which take place within their administrative area.

Therefore, the operation of a comprehensive network for the recovery of packaging by the administrative area of local Authorities needs to be developed in order to achieve the targets provided for by legislation.

A prerequisite for the successful operation of such a System is the close cooperation of the System with local Authorities, both for the technical planning and the functioning of the projects, as well as for informing the public about the value of recycling and on how citizens can participate in the recycling programme in their area.

The successful cooperation which has developed with local Authorities in the previous years is evident from the recycling results within their Administrative boundaries.

Press here to learn about the results of recycling in Municipalities and Communities with which Green Dot Cyprus cooperates.

Manner of operation of the System within the boundaries of a local Authority

For the recovery of household packaging, the System operates in cooperation with the local Authorities, programmes for sorting at the source, sorting in special facilities and finally, utilization of packaging materials by recycling or energy recovery, which currently cover 81% of the population.

For the recovery of commercial/industrial packaging, the System functions in support of the existing industry of material recycling through intelligent financial rewards which aim at activating the free market and thus increasing the quantities of these packaging which are recovered and made use of.

In September 2006 work for the recovery and recycling of commercial and Industrial Packaging had begun.

In February 2007 the first projects for recovery and recycling of household packaging of the System begun in 5 Municipalities. The Municipalities of Strovolos in Nicosia and the Municipalities of Yermasoyia, Mesa Yitonia, Ayios Athanassios and Kato Polemidia in Limassol. Within a series of expansions, the programme today covers 28 Municipalities and approximately 59 Communities in all districts.

The strategic choice of the System to implement a specific way of collecting packaging which is based mainly on curbside collection from homes but also from recycling points, creates the need for the closest possible cooperation of the System with the local Authorities. We believe that the greater part of the System’s success depends on this cooperation and the support that the System receives from the local Authorities.

Benefit/Cost for the Local Authorities from its cooperation with the System

Local Authorities benefit from their cooperation with the System in various ways, among which the ones below:

  • Reduction of the cost of collection and transfer of waste, as a large part of it (packaging) is collected and transferred with the funding of the System. It is important that with the passing of time, this benefit will be magnified with the improvement of public participation by sorting at the source and the consequent increase in the quantities which the System manages (packaging being 50% of the volume and 30% of the weight of produced waste).

  • Reduction of the cost of dumping waste (landfill fee), as a large part of it is transferred by the System elsewhere for treatment.
  • Environmental education of the public and gradual development of environmental awareness in citizens, which is beneficial for many other issues that are also important to the local Authorities.
  • Improvement of the image of the local Authority among its residents.
  • Improvement of the image of the local Authority among the wider society in general.

  • Creation of new jobs in the area.
  • Social participation that can be used in the future for other programmes as well.
  • Improvement of the residents’ quality of life.
  • Development of the local Authorities in a sector where they lag behind in comparison with other European countries.

  • Gaining valuable experience by the local Authority in a new sector through a very well-organised initiative.

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