The cooperation of Green Dot Cyprus with the Non-Packaging Paper Waste Management Company (DI.XA.) is a milestone in proper management of Municipal Waste.

For many years, responsibility for the management of Non-Packaging Paper was not accurately defined by law resulting in a disorder, which ended with this agreement.

On 25 January 2021, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Green Dot and the Non-Packaging Paper Waste Management Company (DI.XA), for the implementation of the  KDP Regulation 430/2017 which obliges the importers of Non-Packaging Paper to undertake the obligation of its collection and management, the memorandum has a 3-year duration.

According to the regulation, the following materials are considered as “Non-Packaging Paper”:

  1. newspapers, brochures, leaflets, printed matter,
  2. magazines, publications, catalogs, advertisements on illustration paper;
  3. office paper, envelopes, letters, printing paper, cash receipts, telephone directories, cardboard, cards, document archives and holders, tickets, paper spools;
  4. paper for the production of works of art,
  5. books, school notebooks and other paper for school use;
  6. paper used in the manufacture of any of the above, but not including toilet paper and paper towels

According to the memorandum, the Non-Packaging Paper Management Company decided to designate Green Dot as its sole representative to carry out, on its behalf, the registration of liable members, the receipt of declarations and, consequently, the receipts.

Green Dot has an obligation to collect household Non-Packaging Paper in all geographical areas in which it operates.

The agreement has received the approval of the Department of Environment and started on December 1, 2020.