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Naturally, the System must function, as a connecting link between the various public and private Organisations which are involved and have obligations under the law for the management of packaging. The relations and mutual influence which the System has with various competent State authorities are analysed below.

Press here for the diagram which depicts the core relations of the System with the various involved external stakeholders

Relations with competent State Authorities

Generally, the network of cooperation which we believe the System must develop with the competent State Authorities and the local Authorities in order to achieve its goals and implement the Legislation is as follows:

A) With Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment – Supervising Authority

It is the Ministry which has substantive competence for:

  • The issue of packaging waste management. It is responsible for granting licenses and monitoring the functioning of Packaging Recovery Systems.
  • Monitoring the functioning of Green Dot Cyprus’ System which was licensed in August 2006 and assesses the achievement of its targets.

  • Licensing and monitoring the operations of packaging waste managers, who are the main associates of the System. The Ministry is also expected to have supported participation to the activities and public awareness campaigns on matters of its competency.

At the end of 2015 the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment had also undertaken competencies that included the management of solid urban waste, the general planning of Recovery systems for solid urban waste in cooperation with the local authorities and the implementation of infrastructure projects which are required for their management (Areas for the Sanitary Burial of Waste, Sorting Units, Compost-making Units, etc).

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, has an important role in the strategic cooperations that the Recovery System is developing with the Local Authorities.

B) With the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, because of its competency on matters of Tourism, administers substantial information budgets which concern environmental and cleanliness issues.

It is necessary that there should be coordination both with the Collective System and with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, which also is responsible for the funding to inform the public on similar issues.