The ancients said that “God gave us two ears and one mouth to hear twice and to speak once.”

This will be the philosophy of the new Green Dot website. To listen twice and speak once.

The website will be used not just to tell you how we do our job but for you to tell us how you want us to do our job.

This is what we consider as proper communication.

  • We listen to society and we meet its requirements to become better.
  • Now is the time to do the right things.
  • Live, as we should.
  • Take care of each other, as we should.
  • Protect the environment, as we should.

This is the main purpose of creating the new Green Dot website. Through a continuous and fruitful dialogue, we aim to acquire good habits and do the proper things… right.

Our motto is

Κάν’ το Σωστά – Do it Right

Κάνουμε τα σωστά πράγματα… σωστά.

The second aim is the continuous education of the people in matters of recycling and renewable energy sources.

The third aim is to combine information about our action in an entertaining way that makes the process enjoyable.

Finally, we want to make the website a means through which we can identify and reward the right behaviors of our fellow citizens, since more important than knowledge, is practice.

We are certain that the new website will become a pleasant destination for young and old, where they can learn, be informed and have a good time.