Knowing that one of the biggest challenges is the management of municipal waste, the Municipality of Pafos, in collaboration with Green Dot Cyprus Collective System, is taking the initiative to inform its citizens and raise public awareness about the importance of  recycling.

On February 8, a press conference was held at the Pafos City Hall and the Mayor of Pafos, Mr. Phedon Phedonos, together with the Chairman of the Board of Green Dot Cyprus, Mr. Vasilis Petrides, presented the content of the folder that will be send to all households of the municipality of Pafos.

The envelopes contain a recycling bag for paper and a recycling bag for PMD packaging (plastic water and milk bottles, plastic containers and bags, metal packages such as soft drinks, coffees, cans and Tetrapak packages e.g., juices and small milks), to ensure that citizens use the right recycling bag. Furthermore, the envelope contains information material on the proper use of these bags, a map of the Municipality with the collection days of  recyclable packaging, from each household, as well as a letter from the mayor,  Mr. Phedonos.

Recognizing that the action for the salvation of the environment starts from home, the distribution of the envelopes to the households of the city will be undertaken by the  Municipality of Pafos, anticipating that recycling will become a daily habit for all citizens.