As presented under the heading “What should I recycle?” our packaging is divided into three categories, PMD, paper and glass. But how are these categories collected?

The collection of packaging is done in two ways. In urban and suburban areas, that is in Municipalities and large communities around them, the collection is made from house to house (curbside). In tourist areas and smaller communities, the collection is made with the help of recycling bins (at recycling points)

Curbside Collection

How is PMD collected? The PMD category is collected from door to door, from the pavement of your residence once a week. Place the material for recycling outside your home in the special transparent PMD bag which you can purchase from supermarkets.

If you live in a block of flats and a blue coloured bin with the sign of Green Dot Cyprus has been placed in the yard of the block, then you can place PMD packaging only inside the blue bin.



How is the Paper category collected?

The Paper category is also collected from door to door, from the pavement of your residence once a week.

  • Place material for recycling outside your house:
  • either in the special brown bag for paper which you can purchase from supermarketsor inside a cardboard box, or tied into reams.

Concluding, in the areas where collection is made from door to door PMD and Paper categories are collected on the same day, once a week from the pavement of your house or premises.



How is the Glass category collected?

The Glass category is collected only from bins

After sorting the glass bottles and glass jars from the other household waste, you should carry them to the special bell-shaped bins which are located at central and accessible points in your neighborhood.

All glass packaging, regardless of colour, are placed in the same bin and should be put inside the bin.

It is the only category of packaging which is NOT collected from your house, because it creates an injury hazard to put glass on the pavement and moreover mixing glass with other material creates problems for the other materials.



Collection with bins

In the areas where collection is carried out only with the help of bins, the collection takes place as follows:

After sorting the packaging into three categories of packaging, you should take them to the nearest recycling points and place them into the appropriate bin.


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