Should I recycle? But why should I recycle? Does it, I wonder, protect the environment and our health as much as they say? Does it help in improving the quality of our life? Questions that are reasonable and quite understandable. But let’s take matters from the beginning. Recycling is the process of creating new products from a product which has served its original purpose.



Recycling process


For example, if we recycle plastic bottles we can manufacture new plastic bottles, or create the inside lining of a windcheater.

Πλαστικά Μπουκάλια



In our days recycling is a basic prerequisite for the protection of the environment and of our future. It is not a passing fad of our era, but on the contrary, an obligation of every civilized society and of every citizen who respects and values himself. Οf every society and of every citizen who aims at the improvement of the quality of his life.


Benefits of Recycling


  • Protection of the Environment

Recycling helps in the protection of the environment from chemical and hazardous substances which can escape into the atmosphere, the water and the ground by waste which has not been correctly managed. These substances may enter the food chain and create very serious problems both to the animals and to humans who are the last link of this chain. These problems may be infections, chronic health problems and very serious diseases such as cancer.

Also, the uncontrolled disposal of waste can become a breeding ground for germs and harmful micro-organisms.

  • Improving the Quality of Life – Good Living

Recycling and mainly the correct recycling contributes to the creation of a clean and healthy environment both today and tomorrow, protecting our health and substantially contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, our own and our children’s.

But what do we mean by saying “Quality of Life” or “Good Living”?

“Good living” is a way of thinking, a way of life that aims at improving the quality of the life of a person and of those around him in all sectors. A necessary component of “Good Living” is health, physical, spiritual and mental.

Translated into daily life it is the cultivation of the spirit, the right nutrition, physical exercise, entertainment, good social relations, positive psychology, respect for the environment and for those around us, respect for the newer generations. It is everything that can improve the quality of our lives today without diminishing the quality of our lives tomorrow.

Health is a necessary part of a good quality of life, and a clean environment is a basic prerequisite of health.




  • Unburdening the Environment from large quantities of waste

Recycling substantially helps in unburdening the environment from large quantities of waste since a large amount of waste that we produce daily can be recycled.



Economy on raw materials and energy

Recycling helps in economizing on raw materials. It is therefore not necessary to cut new trees for the production of paper or to mine new minerals such as bauxite for the production of aluminum.

Also, recycling helps in conserving energy since the energy required for the production of goods from primary raw material is many times more than required than when the production is based on used material.


  • With one ton of recycled glass we save energy equal to 135 litres of petrol
  • With the recycling of one ton of paper we save the life of 17 trees
  • For the manufacture of one aluminum tin so much energy is required as for listening to the radio for 4 hours or watching television for 3 hours
  • We clean the environment from plastic since plastic needs 450 years to break down in nature



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