The Packaging and Packaging Waste Law of 2002 (L.32(1)/2002) with all its amendments determines the obligations of the various financial factors as concerns the management of packaging and packaging waste. Is this Law however sufficient to ensure the achievement of the high goals we have as a state and which constantly rise, or should there be implementation of a series of other actions or/and legal interventions which will contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Further below we set out some actions and/or legal interventions which are necessary for the achievement of recycling goals. These actions are implemented in other European countries with great success contributing substantially to the increase of public participation in the recycling programmes.

Mandatory sorting at source

Sorting at source, the separation that is of the various materials which can be led to another kind of management (i.e. recycling) is currently optional in our country. The public may participate in the various recycling programs for recycling optionally since no legislation mandates it. If we want however to increase the participation of the public, sorting at the source and participation in the recycling programs must become mandatory.

Implementation of programmes “Pay as you Throw” (PAYT)

The implementation of “Pay as you Throw” programmes is a strong incentive for an individual to participate in recycling programmes. The implementation of “Pay as you Throw” programmes is a fair distribution of the management costs of rubbish as those who throw away less rubbish pay less. The easiest way for someone to reduce their rubbish and consequently their personal cost for their management is to send some of it to be recycled.

Active involvement of Local Authorities in the reduction of rubbish taken for management.

Local Authorities today have no obligation towards the state to try to reduce waste which they take for management. Some Local Authorities try to reduce them since they have understood that with their reduction they also reduce their own costs while others remain mere spectators. The role that the Local Authorities can play is quite big. Why should they not also have targets towards the state, why should not there be reward for those who really try and sanctions against those who remain apathetic?

Implementation of existing legislation

As a state we have a number of laws concerning the management of our waste. Which of these are however implemented? Is the state in a position to check those who do not implement these legislations? Unfortunately, the answer is no. If we do not manage to implement existing legislation, if we do not manage to check those who break the law what would be the use of enacting new laws? The state should therefore find ways to enforce existing legislation and if need be enact more laws because only in this way will it manage to have the desired results.



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