Green Dot Cyprus is also a member or the largest World network of systems of Packaging Recovery Management known as PRO-EUROPE (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe) which is also the official manager of the recycling trademark, known as “green dot”.

Our Organization as a member of the Pro Europe network has the exclusive right to the use of the “Green Dot” trademark in Cyprus. Green Dot Cyprus allows its members the non-exclusive right to use the trademark, allowing them to display it on their packaging.




The participation of GDC in Pro Europe is most significant because it gives Green Dot Cyprus in the same family with equivalent organizations in other countries. In particular, it offers the opportunity to Green Dot Cyprus to exchange views and to benefit from the experience of other members on issues regarding packaging waste recovery. With this participation, Green Dot Cyprus becomes a member of the European and Global arena with regard to the packaging issues. Through Pro Europe, members can transfer and negotiate the joint position of all Systems on issues that relate to the changes of the European Legislation and other issues and decisions of the European Union that affect the sector.

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