The programme of packaging recycling administered by our Organisation needs funding as the cost of recovery, sorting, and recycling of packaging is by far larger than the benefit accrued from the sale of material. The funding of Green Dot Cyprus is dependent on the following four pillars:

  • On fees charged on Members and Shareholders of the Organisation

Members and Shareholders of the Organisation annually declare the packaging they have placed in the market. The quantity and the type of packaging (paper, glass, plastic, wood, etc) are accordingly priced on the basis of a unitary price-list. The larger the amount of packaging that a company places in the market, the greater is its contribution to the system.

  • On revenue from the sale of material

Some of the material recovered by the Organisation accrues revenue as they can be sold to recycling factories.
Deficiency in any of the three pillars of funding creates problems for the viability of the Organisation.

  • Other income

The management of the other two Collective Systems, Electrocyclosis, and AFIS Cyprus as well as the registration of new companies generate income for our Organisation.



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