RETHINK Awareness Campaign – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste in Cyprus







The campaign Rethink – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, is an awareness campaign for the Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of waste and is implemented by a group of partners led by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC) and participating are Green Dot Cyprus, Fost Plus of Belgium, the Cyprus News Agency, the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. The campaign has a duration of 34 months (9/6/2014 -10/4/2017) and is co-funded by the Life+ programme of the European Union. A 4 months extension was given to the program.

The main incentive for the development of this programme are the large amounts of waste that each of us produces and which according to Eurostat statistics, in Cyprus come up to 663 per resident per year. The campaign will contribute to the achievement of the environmental goals of the Republic of Cyprus as well as to the promotion of the proper implementation of EU policy on waste in member states. At the same time, the “guide of good communication practices” on matters of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (RRR) in waste management, which will be set up within the framework of the campaign, will be available for use by all member-states.

The campaign aims at informing and creating public awareness to the target-groups below:

  • Young people between the ages of 5-16, as they are tomorrow’s citizens and they also have significant influence on adults.
  • Young people and young couples between the ages of 22-44, as they are the largest consumer group and the main group of waste producers.
  • The Industry through associations of industrial and commercial enterprises
  • Teachers, who will function as multipliers of messages
  • Immigrants, many of whom work in the services sector (restaurants, hotels, etc.) or in the manufacture
  • Local Authorities who will soon be called on to implements RRR policies
  • Members of parliament who have the responsibility for the legislative framework
  • Media representatives

Campaign Goals

The campaign has the following goals:

  • Recording of the existing knowledge and of the level of awareness in Cyprus concerning the meaning of RRR in waste management
  • Development and implementation of a communications strategy for Reduction-Reuse-Recycle in order to support the implementation of the Directive Framework for waste and the Waste Management Plan of Cyprus.
  • Development of comprehensive communications tools that will allow the transfer of knowledge of the meaning of RRR to the wider public and to specific target-groups
  • Monitoring of the impact of the project to recipients and the environment

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“Businesses Subsidising Plan for the Replacement of Job Positions of Low Productivity with Job Positions of High Productivity”


Within the framework of the effort for the improvement of its productivity, Green Dot Cyprus participated in the “Businesses Subsidising Plan for the Replacement of Job Positions of Low Productivity with Job Positions of High Productivity”

The above plan was included in the Action Plan 2007-2009 of the National Productivity Programme 2007-2013 and was co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the State Budget within the framework of the Business Programme, “Employment, Human Capital and Social Cohesion”.

The local administrator of the Programme was the Productivity Centre.

The basic goals of the Organisation in this Plan was the development of a comprehensive system of Customer Relationship Management which would focus on communication with our members and shareholders, as well as the development of an electronic system for the exchange of information with the contractors of the Organisation for the whole breadth of activities. A part of the project was also the review and improvement of the procedures of the Organization including the restructuring of the processes of the call centre in accordance with the type CYS EN 15838:20009.

The Organisation successfully completed the programme and achieved the goals it had set.


Environmental Policy Support Tool for Recycling in Islands










The projected started in January 2009. It was the first Cypriot project funded from Life + Environment program after Cyprus accession to the EU. The program was based on an initiative of Green Dot Cyprus which set up the project’s team. The Ministry of the Interior was named Managing partner of the project and the project’s duration was 24 months.

The project’s team included, other than the Ministry of the Interior, from overseas the corresponding to Green Dot Cyprus organizations in France, Greece and Malta, while from Cyprus Green Dot Cyprus, the University of Cyprus (Dept of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering) and the consultants firm Nicolaides and Associates.

The goal of the project was to calculate and compare the cost of implementing European directives for the management of packaging and of electrical and electronic equipment (for specific categories of equipment) in islands, as compared with continental Europe.

The object of the project was well-timed particularly after Cyprus’ and Malta’s accession to united Europe in 2004. The two states, are the only small island member-states of the EU. Of course, similar challenges are faced also by countries with many small islands, such as Greece, or countries with distant islands such as France.

Islands always face additional challenges in comparison with the other member states in the implementation of environmental legislation. The small size of the market, the absence of substantial industrial production and manufacture for the absorption of recyclable material, the distance from raw material markets and the need to transport material by sea, are the main additional challenges faced. These were attempted to be estimated in detail by the programme and to compare them with corresponding issues in the rest of continental Europe.

At the same time, within the framework of the programme an electronic tool was developed to assist in the decision-making concerning the implementation of recycling projects for such kind of material in islands.
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