What are the therapeutical attributes of pomegranate

One of the most misunderstood fruit, although great in taste and very nutritious, is constantly ignored by most of us, who either find it difficult to peel, or don’t know how to enjoy it. But because it offers many good elements for health and is considered one of the most energy-giving fruit, see below the reasons why you should immediately start eating pomegranates. 

Slows down aging
This fruit contains a large amount of anti-oxidants which eradicate free radicals from the skin.

Protects the kidneys
A new published research showed that a pomegranate extract protects the kidneys from harmful toxins.

Restores the liver
Scientists have concluded that pomegranate juice not only protects the liver but also helps in its regeneration. 

Boosts the immune system
Vitamin C contained in this fruit is a shield against viruses and colds.

Has anti-allergy action
Pomegranates have a high concentration of substances known as polyphenols which have been proved to lower biochemical functions linked to allergies. 

Averts  prostate cancer
Pomegranate juice and its extract shields men against prostate cancer. 

Acts against breast cancer
Scientists have studied the effect of pomegranate juice and its nutrient components against breast cancer and publications have said that their consumption is possibly a very effective therapy for the prevention of this type of cancer.

Protects against skin cancer
The consumption of pomegranate has been linked with the recession of the two basic types of skin cancer: basal-cell skin cancer and squamous-cell skin cancer, according to a new research published in a dermatology review.

Protects DNA
The phytonutrient and anti-oxidant elements of the pomegranate appear to be counter-active with the body’s genetic material and to protect it.

Normalises blood pressure
An early research found that the pomegranate extract may help in the prevention of the rising of blood pressure.

Regulates the metabolic syndrome
Studies have shown that the pomegranate contributes to the regulating of blood sugar levels, improving sensitivity to insulin, combating inflammation and improving many other factors involved in the metabolic syndrome.

Source: http://www.econews.gr/



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