The secrets to having a successful organic garden

Ο βιολογικός κήπος, έχει τα μυστικά του

You decide to create a beautiful garden. This is an excellent choice that will benefit your
health and your wallet. But for your organic garden to thrive, certain things need to be done
correctly, carefully, and consistently.

First of all, you must get all the ingredients together: gather your patience, gloves as well as
your best mood and then your garden will yield not only clean, healthy products but it will
also give you your peace of mind and help you relax.

Let’s start with the basics. You will have to make do with whatever space you have at your
disposal. Gardens, balconies, window boxes, or plant pots are all good enough solutions.
Don’t stress about it and don’t start thinking that space limitations also limit your options.

You should keep in mind that organic gardening means avoiding the excessive use of
resources. To avoid overconsumption of water, place your plants in such a way so that plants
that get their nutrients from the soil are next to those that actually enrich the soil with

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This may not sound that appealing, but in fact bugs are a vital part of a successful vegetable
garden. Earthworms and beetles are our allies and their presence in our garden keeps it in
balance. In other words, our garden should be a small ecosystem that requires little taking
care of. This means that the soil should be free of pesticides and other chemical substances.

A living environment where organisms, minerals, and organic matter coexist has the ideal
conditions for the development of the ecosystem we are aiming for.

This might sound like an exaggeration, but we should mention that using pesticides and other
chemicals is forbidden in organic gardening/farming. “Compost”, i.e., green manure is all a
garden needs. Compost can be created with leftovers from the garden or the kitchen.
It is equally important to make sure that we plant organic seeds.



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