We can do better at home!


Food and beverage consumption increases during the holidays. Apart from damaging our
body, overdoing it also damages the environment. Of course, Christmas is the time to try
out new gastronomic options!

Visit a store selling organic products and discover delicacies made with pure ingredients.
Experiment with vegetarian dishes and don’t forget to recycle packaging and empty bottles.

You might be tempted to use plastic plates and glasses when you have friends and relatives
over as they will spare you from doing the dishes. However, neither your friends and
relatives nor the environment deserve such treatment. Take our your finest dinnerware set
and make sure to use environmentally friendly detergents when doing the dishes. Don’t
forget to keep a recycle bin around the kitchen.

While preparing for the festive dinner don’t keep electrical appliances turned on with no
good reason

Many people spend the holidays watching a lot of TV or listening to music. Don’t leave the
TV, the stereo, or any appliances on standby mode. You’d be shocked to find out how much
energy you’d be saving,

Make sure the boiler at your home is serviced before the holiday season. This will save you
both energy and money.

The holiday season sees a rise in the consumption of beverages and beer. Opt for beverages
and beer that come in reusable glass bottles.

Use reusable containers rather than aluminium foil to store food in your (holiday season-
style) full fridge.

Don’t forget to recycle newspapers and all those extra magazines published around














Opt for paper that has not gone through chlorine bleaching. You can start with this year’s

If you are planning to buy a new fridge or refrigerator to cover the needs of the Christmas
banquet, make sure you buy a “green” one.

Don’t buy animal products or products made with endangered plants.

Are you certain you’ve turned everything off, before you take off for your holiday trip? Are
you sure the TV, stereo or other devices aren’t on stand-by mode? You’d be surprised to
learn how much energy is consumed by a device or an appliance on stand-by mode. So,
make sure to turn the switch off!



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