On top of being green, Christmas should also be “green”


Greenpeace is making sure that this Christmas is sufficiently “green” in every sense of the word. We follow the guide for the protection of the environment during the Christmas holidays and we learn a lot about what we thought we already knew!



Advice concerning the Christmas tree:


We are advised to avoid using plastic trees or cutting down fir trees and opt for a tree planted in a pot.


After Christmas, we can keep this tree on our balcony and if we take care of it, it will be willing to be our Christmas decoration next year too. Alternatively, Greenpeace says, we can decorate a Christmas boat, preferably one made of wood rather than plastic.


Instead of buying ornaments, we can make our own. Paper stars or balls, or garlands made of nuts would make for original decorations for the tree and the rest of the house.  Christmas lights placed on the tree and around the house are often part of the festive decoration. However, having a glowing holiday does not require large amounts of energy consumption. We can replace traditional lamps with energy saving lamps for the house in general and the tree in particular and we can keep these lights turned off when they are unnecessary!


Greenpeace’s advice on keeping our presents environmentally friendly.


  • Presents cost money, but they are often unimaginative. This year try making the presents you will be giving to your loved ones with your own hands.  You can also organise an exchange with your good friends during which you can give away old objects you no longer use but could be of use to others. Nice idea, dear Greenpeace!
  • If you decide to go shopping, avoid going by car. The heavy seasonal traffic will be some kind of torture both for you and the climate. Use public transport as an opportunity for a nice tour in the city centre.
  • Avoid plastic bags and other non-reusable bags and bring your best ally shopping: durable, multipurpose bags made of fabric.
  • Make sure there’s a recycle logo on the products you buy.
  • Supports stores that promote recycling.
  • It may be hard to say no to your children’s innocent little eyes, but stay strong! Avoid dangerous toys made of Chrorinated PVC plastic. Opt for toys make of wood and fabric and…let Santa know.


New Call-to-action

Santa Clause will bring a bunch of paper and plastic packaging along with his presents. Don’t throw them away. There must be a recycle bin somewhere around the house. Also, ask Santa to  focus on the presents themselves rather than the packaging. At least try to avoid non-reusable packaging solutions.

Just by taking a look at the commercials we can tell that, these days,  many toys work with an electric motor. Whenever possible, use rechargeable batteries for these toys


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