5+1 reasons why you should get a pet cat!


Everyone who lives with a cat will tell you they are beautiful animals. Yet there are those who are not sure that they should adopt one. If you are still ambivalent about this, we have
6 very important reasons to suggest!

You are smarter – why not tell it as it is!
A study among British pet owners has revealed that cat owners tend to be more intelligent than dog owners. Both in terms of intelligence and education cat owners seem to take the
lead. Clearly, the cat itself will not make its owner more intelligent; the researchers concluded that more intelligent people work more hours and given that cats require much attention than dogs, they are the choice of busy pet owners.

Keep calm and handle everything
Losing a loved one is an incredibly painful experience for most. With that said, one of the best ways to deal with loss is to acquire a pet. It has been proved that cats can help people
deal with loss faster; they also contribute to the reduction of physical signs of pain, such as crying. Despite the fact that a cat is a mere animal, it offers social support during hard times.
People who are in mourning often find themselves talking to their pet as a form of release as it is usually easier to talk to someone who cannot answer back and, in effect, cannot
judge you in the way another person would.

Looking for your partner in life? Adopt a cat for starters and take it from there!
If you are single and can’t find your other half get a cat! Eighty-two per cent of women who took part in a British survey stated that they are more attracted by men who love animals.
Even though being a dog owner will work miracles for you, a staggering 90% of single women said that male cat owners are “better” than other men. It seems that women fall for
the stereotype that wants male cat owners to be more tender and sensitive. So, if you don’t already have a pet cat, start thinking about it. But keep in mind that the cat will be around
for life, not just till you find your partner.

All four-legged animals seem to have a positive impact on our stress levels but it seems that cats are the gurus of stress relief. This is possibly due to the fact that cats, unlike dogs, don’t
need as much care on a daily basis and this has an impact on our overall stress levels. A study has shown that those you own a cat for over a decade had 30% fewer chances of
dying of heart attack or a stroke in comparison to those you have other pets.

You are a good friend, It shows!
There is a tendency to believe that dogs are more tender companions than cats, but that’s just another stereotype. In fact, cats can keep equally good company to humans, especially
to women. According to a Swiss study from 2003 having a pet cat offers the same emotional advantages as having a partner. What is more, studies have shown that cats react to kindness with their own acts of kindness – cat style, of course. Nonetheless, cats do seem to have the upper hand in such relationships. After thousands of years of being pets, cats have
learned to reproduce, more or less, the sound of a crying human. Hence, because our brains are wired to react to pain or to the sadness of a crying child in a certain way, it is almost impossible to ignore a cat that makes its demands by crying.

Talk to me about yourself, or rather don’t say a word!

Do you own a pet cat? Then I know what kind of person you are. Yet another stereotype.
Having a pet cat says a lot about you. Even though dog owners tend to be the life of the
party, cat owners are rather introvert types. Yet, they are considered to be very reliable and
trustworthy, while they seem to be temperate. They aren’t great at manipulating others



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