Jeans never grow old

Το τζιν δεν πεθαίνει ποτέ.

Whether it’s your old jean jacket, shirt, or trousers, this material can be a source of inspiration and
creativity for all sorts of creations.

Using jean fabrics at the office as a pencil case rather than as an item of clothing is one of many great
ways to use this material. Of course, a pencil case made of a jean fabric can also be useful in children’s
rooms as storage for colouring pencils, scissors and other objects.
If you want to have your jeans with you throughout the day, create a cover for your notebook, your
agenda or your recipe book.

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In the same line of thought, we can also use jean fabrics as covers for furniture, baskets, and plastic
containers in order to turn them into tasteful, designer magazine holders or cases for sewing kits and
other household objects.

If your love for jean fabrics has given you an appetite for even more jean-creations, consider creating
jean cutlery-storage units. The pockets of old jean clothes are perfectly fit for this purpose. Of course,
not all pockets need to look the same.

Finally, those who prefer more unique accessories can create jean boutonnieres! They are both
easy to make and wear. They would look great on a woolly hat or on a headband.
So, take your pick among all these options, let your imagination run wild and start creating!



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