Green Dot Cyprus has organized a Collective System of Packaging Management which can meet your needs since:

  • It is the only licensed Collective System in Cyprus
  • It already represents a large part of the industry in Cyprus
  • It can relieve you of the particularly high and hard to achieve targets at a very reasonable cost
  • It offers the best and financially the most efficient way to meet your recovery and recycling obligations
  • Green Dot Cyprus will help you prepare a list of the packaging for which you are obligated, without charge
  • It will relieve you of looking by yourselves for data for verification which are required to demonstrate to the state that you are meeting the recovery and recycling obligations
  • With Green Dot Cyprus you ensure that you will not need to disturb your commercial relations with your clients. Actually, you will no longer need to worry about what your clients have done with your packaging waste. This will be, after your cooperation with Green Dot Cyprus, the responsibility and obligation of Green Dot Cyprus
  • With Green Dot Cyprus you will be certain about the achievement of your targets because our Organisation each year since 2010 to date achieves the overall targets for the recovery and recycling of packaging
  • Green Dot Cyprus guarantees that it will achieve in stages also the in-part targets for recovery and recycling which are constantly increasing.
  • Collectively targets become easier to achieve due to the concentration of recycling results. Packaging waste, which is easy to collect and recycle, compensate to some degree for the more difficult packaging waste.

And all these at a very reasonable cost which makes the drafting of a budget much easier.

Also, Green Dot Cyprus is a member of the large global family of collective systems for packaging management, PRO-EUROPE (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe), which today holds under its umbrella 41 corresponding organizations from countries of Europe and America. It is also a member of the organization EXPRA of the umbrella organization for the non-profit systems of collective packaging management. With these memberships Green Dot Cyprus brings you in contact with the developments both in the European Union and in the rest of the world concerning matters of packaging management.



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