As far as Cyprus is concerned, there are also logos, as shown below, which have been created by Green Dot Cyprus for the purpose of facilitating the consumer to correctly sort the materials, projecting at the same time the Company Social Responsibility of our company-members.


This logo is displayed on packaging which are recycled in the PMD category.


This logo is displayed in packaging which is recycled in the Paper category.


This logo is displayed in packaging which is recycled in the Glass category.

bin pesticides

This logo is displayed in packaging which is recycled in the Plant Chemicals category.


*Any company-member interested in displaying any of the above logos on its packaging or products please contact Green Dot Cyprus Commercial Department, at Tel. 22586000.   


Finally, there are also general recycling logos which are displayed constantly:

A aymbol depicted on products which are suitable for recycling. It Does not mean that the packaging has been made of recycled material. This symbol also indicates that the product is suitable for recycling. The percentage appearing on the inside is the percentage of recycled material contained in the product.

This refers to the type of plastic from which the packaging is made. This symbol is displayed with a number on its inside from 1 to 7, according to the type of plastic. It is a marking which helps recyclers during the recycling process.

European Ecolabel. This symbol indicates that the product has been manufactured with environment-friendly methods

This symbol is used mainly in the USA and indicates that the product on which it is depicted has been produced with environment-friendly methods.

This symbol is displayed on glass containers (bottles, vases, etc.) and urges their recycling.

This symbol is not connected with recycling but is a reminder to the public to dispose of the product in the most appropriate way in order to avoid littering the environment

Found on products made of recycled aluminum

Found on products made of recycled steel

fsc Found on paper or wood products and it means that the wood originates from forests managed in a viable manner and in accordance with the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Used on electrical and electronic appliances and it means that they should be recycled and not disposed of in rubbish bins

blue angel

The Blue Angel is a German eco symbol often used on paper and plastic products to indicate that the products are made of recycled raw material.





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