Definition of Packaging

As packaging is considered under the Law:

  • Sale or primary packaging: Packaging designed in a way which is at the point of sale a separate unit for sale to the final consumer (Sales Packaging)
  • Group packaging or secondary packaging: The packaging which is designed in a way that is at the point of sale a total number of units for sale whether these are sold to the final consumer or are used only for filling of displayed goods at the point of sale (Group Packaging)
  • Transport packaging or tertiary packaging: Packaging designed in a way that facilitates the transport and transfer of a number of units for sale or group packaging (Transport Packaging).

Types of Packaging

A. Household and Commercial/Industrial Packaging

(a) Household Packaging

Household packaging is the packaging which ends up in houses, offices and other consumer accommodation.

(b)Commercial/Industrial Packaging

Commercial/Industrial Packaging is the packaging which stays in factories and companies’ warehouses and in the yards of commercial shops and other transporters.


B. Single Use Packaging and Reusable Packaging

A single use packaging: is the packaging which is not used for the same purpose after the use of the product but becomes waste after the product is used.

Reusable Packaging: is the packaging designed to meet a minimum number of trips or cycles during its lifetime for re-filling and reuse for the purpose for which it was originally meant.


The European instructions and the System set different obligations concerning the single use packaging and the reusable packaging.

For the System the obligations of the businesses-members for each type of packaging are the following:

A single use packaging is subject to information obligations, recovery and recycling of the product.

The reusable packaging is subject to information obligations, while the obligation for recovery and recycling affects only the new portion of the reusable packaging placed in the market each year. New reusable packaging is placed in the market when the company which uses it increases its sales, or for the replacement of reusable packaging which has been destroyed or not returned to the Company.

Information for both types of packaging is annually provided to the system through a specific form – “Packaging Declaration” in which whether the packaging is of a single use or reusable is declared.

The System and the competent authorities have therefore to determine whether one packaging is really reusable or not. Where the packaging is reused, the producer should be able to demonstrate a system in place which makes this reuse of the packaging possible and confirmed.


Special Packaging

a. Non-recyclable packaging

There are two important factors which prevent a packaging from being recycled: the material or materials of which the package is made and the product it contains.

Thus, the materials which are technically non-recyclable or their recycling is not economically viable, are considered non-recyclable materials.

From the aspect of content, there are certain legal restrictions. For example, if the original packaging contained plant chemicals it cannot be recycled. There are also technical restrictions.


b. Hazardous products Packaging


Packaging Fees

The table below shows the approved fees of the System for the years 2006-2019.


Retroactivity of Fees

It is important to note that regardless of when a company is registered into the System charges for packaging will be set retroactively from 1 August 2006 the date when the System was licensed by the competent authorities. This is a condition for the licensing of Green Dot Cyprus and is in force both because the obligation of each company pre-existed its registration as well as for purposes of equal treatment of the members of the System. For the years 2006 to 2010 retroactive charges were limited to 50% of the true ones in an effort to restrict retroactive charges on companies which will come to be registered with the System.



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