The Green Dot logo is an international trademark which is now used throughout the world and is has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

Placing the logo on a primary packaging (sales packaging) means that for that specific packaging which the company has placed into the market it has paid fees to a collective System which operates under the European directive 94/62 for the management of that Packaging. Therefore, the Trademark is not an indication of the recyclability of the packaging but an indication of the compliance of the obligate organization which has placed it in the market towards its obligations for the correct management of that packaging.

If you notice, in almost all the packaging imported into Cyprus the specific Trademark appears printed by the manufacturer.

Permission to use the Logo in every country is given by the PRO-EUROPE organization (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe) to collective systems of management which follow certain basic operational parameters.

In Cyprus the exclusive manager of the Trademark is Green Dot Cyprus.

If you import products which carry the Trademark you should come into contact with Green Dot Cyprus which will brief you on your obligations.

The marking of primary packaging with the Trademark, is under Cyprus legislation, mandatory. In the case where you manufacture products and wish to enter into a contract with Green Dot Cyprus then you should come into contact with Green Dot Cyprus in order to sign the related contract and be given all the details for the use of the Trademark.



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