Commencement of Green Dot Cyprus Recycling Programme in The Polis Chrysochous Municipality

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Submitted by Con on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 18:51

Commencement of Green Dot Cyprus Recycling Programme in The Polis Chrysochous Municipality

As of April 1, the Green Dot Cyprus programme for the recycling of packaging expands to include the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous!

Within the framework of actions aiming to reduce waste, the Polis Chrysochous Municipality has signed a collaboration agreement with Green Dot Cyprus for the collection of recyclable packaging within its Municipal boundaries.

The collection will be taking place at designated recycling bins, where the public should drop off recyclable materials. These include blue bins for PMD recyclables, brown bins for Paper, and the bell-shaped green bins for Glass materials.


Recycling Bin

The recycling bins are to be placed at the following locations:

  • Municipal Parking Area (‘Moustakallis’)

  • Citizen’s Assistance Centre

  • Public Schools

  • ‘Koutsofinas’ Park

  • ‘Kaetes’ Kiosk

  • Municipal Beach – Latsi/Latchi

  • Municipal Parking Area – Latsi/Latchi (Rumours)


For further information, you may contact the Municipal Health Services on 26321321 and 26323524 during office hours.

Both the Municipality and the Scheme are confident that with proper collaboration and with the public’s assistance the programme will be successful and substantial quantities of recyclable packaging will find its way to recycling. In order to avoid any disturbance or the loss of good materials, the public is invited to place the materials in the appropriate recycling bins, according to the relevant signage.


The signing of the Agreement. From the Right., Green Dot Cyprus G.M. Mr. Marios Vrachimis, Polis Chrysochous Mayor Mr. Yiotis Papachristofi, and the financial manager of the Municipality Ms Androulla Kyriacou.




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